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Ad miscasts Robert De Niro as a ‘trendy version of the Niro’, Kia’s latest range

Robert De Niro has cropped up in another ad campaign, this time drawing attention to Kia’s new Niro in a car caper sparked by a script misunderstanding.

After recently starring in a Warburton’s ad where a bagel crime syndicate took over Bolton, De Niro oversees the launch of the Niro car range in a 30-second spot. The acclaimed actor appears on set in fashionable clothing, dressed as “a trendy version of De Niro" when the script actually asks for "a trendy version of the Niro".

Kia creative lead agency Innocean Worldwide developed the #PowerToSurprise campaign while Havas managed media.

Jane Fenn, head of brand communications at Kia Motors UK, said: “Who better to represent our brand than a global superstar who also happens to have the same name as our hero range? We’re delighted to launch this campaign featuring Robert De Niro, an iconic actor who is sure to drive fame for Kia.”

Gabriel Mattar, Innocean Worldwide Europe chief creative office: “It's our first campaign for Kia Motors Europe and we couldn't be more proud. This 360 campaign not only brings a close, light-hearted approach to one of its top selling models but also sends a signal to where the Kia brand is heading. This is the first step of many more to come."

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Stephanie Marks, managing director, Havas Group Media, said of the media approach: "Within each channel, our placements are selected to be unmissable and of high quality, being in our audience’s spaces and talking to them in a way that aligns with the content they’re choosing to consume. Our aim is that Kia isn’t just front of mind when they’re in market, but that the brand is more relevant to their everyday life.”

The Niro is available in fully electric, self-charging hybrid and plug-in hybrid.

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