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Uber's latest campaign puts its driver partners back in the driver's seat

Uber’s latest campaign, 'What moves you, moves us,' puts the emphasis on the drivers in a new film that celebrates their grit and determination, and highlights the rideshare company’s ongoing commitment to supporting its driver partners through updated in-app features.

The updated features include alerts that signal to drivers when they are in a busy area, allow them to track their payments more easily and start and end trips without a network connection. The features have been introduced to make driving with Uber easier and more reliable.

The changes were made after recent controversy that resulted in Uber drivers across the UK, US, Brazil and Australia striking in demand of better pay and working conditions ahead of the app’s stock market debut.

The company also made headlines earlier this month when it was announced that its chief marketing officer, Rebecca Messina, was to leave her role after just nine months.

The film places Uber’s drivers at the heart of it and is told from their perspective. It employs a natural, cinematic documentary style that depicts the simple observations of drivers’ real lives and their communities. It shows how the drivers featured are driving for their families.

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