SpotX video inventory integrated with Mediaocean software for TV buyers

A collaboration between video advertising and monetisation platform SpotX and software specialists Mediaocean is set to introduce TV buyers to a deeper pool of premium videos.

The tie-up will see SpotX made available through Mediaocean’s connect partner platform, a pairing which will connect ad agencies with over 600 video publishers

Kyle Benn, VP of mid-market, demand facilitation at SpotX said: "We're excited to launch this partnership and look forward to watching how our integration brings more efficiency to the way media buyers and owners do business."

Ramsey McGrory, CRO, Mediaocean, added: "We're thrilled to enable our local TV buyers with the depth of brand-safe video supply that is made available through the experts in video at SpotX."

SpotX was established as a bridge between traditional television and digital video and incorporates its own in-house brand safety team to assuage advertiser content concerns.