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Ads We Like: Eric Cantona embarks on rigorous space training for Kronenburg beer mission


By Imogen Watson | Senior reporter

June 26, 2019 | 3 min read

After announcing that he was off to space to prove Kronenbourg 1664 is 'Le Taste Supreme' in the universe, Eric Cantona has stuck to his guns and begun a rigorous training plan to prepare himself; or so the beer brand would have you believe.


Eric Cantona

As a former-footballer, Kronenbourg long-term presence Cantona is highly versed in training schedules, though space is undoubtedly a harsher terrain to a footie pitch covered in blades of grass.

Earlier this month, Kronenburg announced that Cantona was heading to space in a spot that saw him addressing a press conference, dressed as an astronaut.

Clutching a freshly poured pint of beer in one hand, Cantona contends that in Alsace, they know Kronenbourg is the 'Taste Supreme' in the world. "But, today's laurels are tomorrow's compost," he states, before declaring "I, Cantona, I am going to space to prove that Kronenbourg is the Taste Supreme in the Universe."

To prove he's all bark and all bite, Kronenbourg has released footage of Cantona's space training for the big mission.

In one video, he is seen walking on a treadmill, placed on a wall. As he confidently strives to train for his adventure, he turns to the camera to say "one small step for Cantona, one giant leap for beer."

In another, he is seen floating around a centrifuge, preparing for weightlessness in space.

Discussing the campaign, Jason Hughes, head of creative solutions and branded content at Sky Media said: “We’re hugely excited to see the reaction during the England match. We are always looking for new ways to help brands make an impact and connect on an emotional level with their audiences.

"By pushing the envelope and delivering a disruptive campaign like this for the first time, we’re confident Kronenbourg will grab football fans’ attention during the highly-anticipated match.”

Kronenbourg 1664: Eric Cantona Space Training by Ogilvy SG

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Creative Eric Cantona Kronenbourg 1664

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