Goodstuph celebrates World Pride Month by releasing limited edition merchandise for Singapore's Pink Dot

Singapore-based social influence marketing agency Goodstuph is pledging its support for the annual Pink Dot rally by creating limited edition t-shirts and risograph prints.

Pink Dot, which advocates for diversity and LGBTQ+ rights in Singapore, solely counts on the local businesses like Goodstuph as sponsors after the government enforced a new law in 2016 that required foreign businesses like Google to apply for a license to be able to sponsor, publicly promote or organise members or employees to participate.

Having been a sponsor for the past three rallies, Goodstuph has decided to create and sell limited edition t-shirts and a limited run of risograph prints by local print studio Knuckles & Notch to celebrate the occasion and World Pride Month. All profits will be donated to Pink Dot.

The design adapts Goodstuph’s communist-inspired brand DNA, and a pun on the Chinese words (同志们) which means “comrades” in English, as well as a slang to describe homosexuals.

Pat Law, the founder of Goodstuph explained to The Drum that it created these products because as an independent agency, they don’t just represent themselves, but everyone who relates to the local spirit, diversity, and love for the place they call home regardless of where they are from.

“While we have literally put our money where our mouth is for Pink Dot, we thought it’s an opportunity to produce a line of merchandise to mark the occasion this year,” said Law.

“While this is the first time, we’re producing merch for Pink Dot, it isn’t the first time we have done so for the community. I can’t say that it was for fundraising at all, but we last produced Mambo Jambo tees in partnership with Zouk, for her last party at the former location in Jiak Kim Street.”

The t-shirts and posters are on sale at The Damn Good Shop, Goodstuph's online retail arm.

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