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Visa buys into multisensory marketing with animation, sound and vibration work


By John Glenday, Reporter

June 17, 2019 | 3 min read

Visa has become the latest payments provider to embark on a multisensory journey with the release of a suite of sensory branding elements spanning animation, sound and vibration.


Visa harnesses animation, sound & vibration to connect with consumers

Visa will switch to sensory cues in 25 countries in order to reinforce payment transactions, imparting confidence to the consumer that their payment has been processed in the absence of a cashier.

Intended to convey trust and security the sensory experience centres on a single ‘energetic’ and ‘optimistic’ sound supported by animation and haptic feedback, with more than a dozen partnerships already forged.

These include a tie-up with French stadiums for the Fifa Women’s World Cup, a pairing with point-of-sale terminal providers, mobile wallet apps and Ziosk tableside ordering tablets.

Lynne Biggar, Visa’s chief marketing and communications officer, said: “As consumers continue to change where and how they pay in the world, the entirety of the customer experience must also evolve in ways that have trust built-in from the start.

“Giving greater dimensionality to our brand and letting our customers see, hear or feel Visa when they pay, is an essential ingredient at a time when the physical point of sale is making way for greater digital environments. Sensory branding cues provide a way for us to express that our brand promise of speed, security, reliability and trust is still behind every transaction.”

In-store research carried out by Visa in San Francisco found that consumers who experienced sensory branding were 12% more likely to trust the security. Positive perceptions of the Visa brand also jumped 14% versus point of sale terminals which did not employ sensory branding.

Huawei has previously employed haptic ads to provide a more engaging experience.

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