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Ed Sheeran’s DM to Heinz becomes an actual TV ad


By Kyle O'Brien, Creative Works Editor

June 17, 2019 | 3 min read

It’s no secret that Ed Sheeran is a longtime fan of Heinz Ketchup. He’s professed his love for it on Twitter, in interviews, and he even has the Heinz Ketchup logo tattooed on his arm.

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Ed Sheeran's ad idea for Heinz becomes reality

Heinz has now taken the singer’s love for the condiment to a new level, transforming one of his direct messages to the company about an ad idea he had into an actual television commercial.

Turns out, Sheeran loves Heinz Ketchup so much, he directly reached out to the company to announce he’d written a commercial about his favorite ketchup. When Sheeran brought Heinz the idea to show how the ketchup is worthy of bringing wherever he goes, bringing his commercial to life seemed an easy task.

The spot shows Sheeran walking into a fancy restaurant. His voiceover follows his actions, with the décor changing as he cites the poshness of the restaurant. Sheeran states that the waiter comes over to explain the specials of “fancy vegetables and fancy sauces.” The plate comes and Sheeran is pleased, except for one detail – no Heinz Ketchup on the table.

Sheeran then reaches into his backpack, pulls out a bottle of ketchup, and to the dismay of the waiter and chef, proceeds to pour the tomato ketchup all over his fancy food in slow motion as the other diners look on in horror.

“So that’s my idea. Do you wanna do it?” asks Sheeran in the close. It ends with a shot of the bottle and the new Ed Sheeran x Heinz logo.

His Instagram post after the spot was made shows his devotion to Heinz, stating "This is pretty much what I was aiming for in life. Ketchup ad > stadium tour."


The global campaign will be supported by social, TV, and print featuring Sheeran's Heinz tattoo. Heinz even made a special edition bottle of 'Edchup' for fans.

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