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By Chris Sutcliffe | Senior reporter

June 11, 2019 | 3 min read

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As brands go global, extending their reach into new markets, it’s vital that they maintain consistency of design in each new territory. Best practice around ensuring brand consistency is still a relatively new concept, particularly in digital, and new challenges constantly arise as brands take up residence on new platforms and channels.

The Drum x Monotype DrumCast 'Your type: brand design in the modern age'

The Drum x Monotype DrumCast 'Your type: brand design in the modern age'

It’s imperative, then, that brands and agencies have access to the tools required to ensure consistency of everything from font choice to colours, in order that their marketing materials are instantly connected with and deliver value back to the brand. In a live DrumCast conducted by The Drum in partnership with Monotype, a panel of experts explained how the correct font choice can have a huge impact on how your brand is perceived by audiences, and how best that perception can be maintained consistently.

The wide-ranging discussion took in everything from whether licensing a font or developing a custom one is best for your brand, how best to ensure house style across every deployment of that type, how stylistic modifications of existing fonts can have dramatic impacts, and much more.

The panel, including Monotype’s type designer Carl Crossgrove, presented practical examples from brands including Condé Nast’s magazine brands to illustrate the value of font management tools.

Most crucially, the experts discussed how expertise in designing typefaces to appeal to local audiences can deliver significant uplift when launching a brand in a new geography. That expertise covers everything from an understanding of media consumption habits in the territory, to the specific cultural contexts in which those fonts can be deployed, and licensing rules and regulations that aren’t always straightforward.

These points and many further insights can be divulged in the video above.

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