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How to maximise efficiency through paid media?

Maximising efficiency through paid media: Advertising Cloud Skill Builder

How would you like to streamline the way you plan and buy media, leveraging the best tools in your armoury to make sense of your data mountains in order to better understand and serve your customer?

Do you know how your paid media drives on-site behaviour? How can you improve segmentation and optimisation of your paid search and unify the data that your media and analytics teams use?

The webinar Advertising Cloud Skill Builder: Analytics for Advertising Cloud, taking place on Wednesday 12 June aims to help marketers and media buyers spot efficiencies in data usage to improve paid search campaigns at a time when advertisers face an overwhelmingly complex and fragmented landscape with the proliferation of devices and massive amounts of data growing at breakneck speed. But the legacy silos still used in much of media today are in opposition to what practitioners require.

They need more intuitive, integrated solutions that cut through the chaos and make sense of the increasing amounts of information we process and analyse. It is not enough to simply collect data – it needs to be managed and used effectively.

As Adobe’s 2019 Digital Trends report found, marketers are particularly focused on data. Most (55%) expect ‘better use of data for more effective audience segmentation and targeting’ to be among their top three organisational priorities during 2019.

This webinar covers topics including: an introduction to Analytics for Advertising Cloud DSP; The Last Event JavaScript code; improved segmentation use cases for paid media by leveraging the Analytics tags; powerful paid media reporting and insights powered by Analytics and algorithmic and manual optimisation leveraging Analytics metrics in the Advertising Cloud.

The overview gives viewers a better understanding of the tools at their fingertips, enabling them to analyse the impact of their targeting strategies, deep within paid media but also across broad marketing channels.

Benefits include improved reporting and insight on how advertising drives site behaviour; better optimisation of campaigns and easier audience segmentation for customer experience across Experience Cloud solutions.

The webinar is one of a series to be hosted by Adobe Advertising Cloud Community designed to equip users with the latest knowledge to get more out of its DSP as well as provide an overview and introduction to those looking for new ad tech solutions.

It takes place on Wednesday, 12 June at 11am BST. In Europe the webinar will kick off at 12pm; New Delhi 10.30am; 1pm in Singapore and Hong Kong, 2pm Tokyo and 3pm Sydney. Click here to read more and register.

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