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22 - 26 March

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The Drum at Cannes: marketer of the future

Come and find out who the marketer of the future is

The role of the CMO has evolved. There is no longer a place for a CMO content to solely manage the advertising output of a brand. Instead, CMOs are responsible for any number of tasks related to the overall direction of their brand and, while they might not be the face of the brand itself, they are certainly responsible for where that face turns.

As a result of the changing marketing landscape, CMOs are required to dabble in disciplines that would previously have been outside their purview. They need to understand data and how best it can be interpreted and implemented to deliver ROI; they are required to have a complete understanding of their audiences’ desires beyond simply making a purchase, and they are responsible for changing the internal culture of their business to better reflect its place in a changing ecosystem.

At Cannes Lions, a panel from The Drum in partnership with Datorama, is set to address the challenges of a modern CMO, asking “Who is the marketer of the future?” Moderated by the associate editor of The Drum, Sonoo Singh and featuring insights from senior marketers the panel will seek to address the most pressing questions around the role of a CMO. The panel will also include Leah Pope, CMO of Datorama Salesforce.

We will hear how marketing intelligence is playing a role in shaping the responsibilities of a marketer in 2019, how it can aid a CMO in directing transformation), and whether the term ‘Chief Marketing Officer’ is still fit for purpose in an era where marketing is tightly entwined with every aspect of a company’s operations.

More speakers to be announced shortly.

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