Report reveals LinkedIn is not that popular among tech C-suite

immediate future identifies social media trends among the tech C-suite in its latest report.

In its latest report, Immediate Future identified that 99.6% of the tech C-suite audience use social media, with more than one in five IT professionals spending over four hours a day on social.

The research reveals that traditionally hard-to-reach board-level technology buyers actually prefer Facebook and YouTube to LinkedIn. A majority of 70% use Facebook, while 43% use Twitter more than once a day. According to the report, marketing professionals prefer six social media platforms over LinkedIn.

For tech brands, who are increasingly looking to reach senior buyers with products and services that can solve some of today’s big business problems, such as security, transformation, legacy and customer trust, the research provides them with insight on the platforms where they're spending most time.

Katy Howell, CEO at Immediate Future, says: “Compared to their board level counterparts, these senior buyers are surprisingly social-savvy. The data also reveals that they’re rather a cynical and status-driven bunch. They demand value content, relevant context and communications that speak to their requirements. They want an opinion, advice, thinking – not product push or feature selling. The technology brand that wants to reach this audience needs to step-up or risk being ignored.”

Howell goes on to add: “Just because it’s all Facebook and Insta, it’s not all selfies, birthday posts and memes. 39% follow content that’s relevant to their work and over two-thirds will use social media to network for work purposes. A definite blurring of work and play in action”.

Brands shouldn’t get disheartened if they don’t get many comments though. Senior IT professionals don’t want to debate, instead they prefer to watch video - their viewing rates are much higher than average users - and they're interested in clicking through on links they like, which they may then share publicly.

The report questions why they share these links, why they watch more than their peers and what sort of content inspires interaction from the the C-Suite.

To get a copy of the Tech C-suite report, email Katy at to receive more details on the topics discussed.

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