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The Drum in Cannes: questioning national identity

Join us in Cannes as we ask: national identity is dead, how should brands react?

Identity is changing. As a result of the rise of the internet and social media, the way people think about themselves and their place in the world is predicated less on criteria like nationality and more on issues that impact them more directly.

At the same time, cities are transforming, changing to fit the needs of their population in a much more dynamic and responsive way. With the advent of 5G communications those changes will only accelerate, and within a few short years an increasing proportion of people will identify more as citizens of a city than of a country

This year at Cannes, The Drum in collaboration with Vizeum will examine the implications of the decline of national identity for marketers, asking the question: "National identity is dead: how should brands react?"

Thomas Le Thierry, Global President, Vizeum, explains: “Cities are increasingly taking the lead in our modern world, as they continue to consolidate the majority of our world’s population. This acceleration is set to massively increase over the next few decades. In the years ahead, urbanisation will be at the forefront of geostrategic questions and it will help shape the new form of society we live in - based on highly connected environments, on smart grid powered infrastructures and sustainability principles.

Cities are also at the forefront because they are having a more progressive approach on the key drivers of society through political choices, (London versus Brexit, San Francisco versus Waste, Copenhagen versus Carbon Neutrality), and because they drive the intellectual and scientific agenda (arts, research, sports and entertainment).

Brands need to adapt to this changing world. They need to rethink the way they behave and what they mean in an urban space. At Vizeum, we are already partnering with our clients, brands like IKEA and AB Inbev, to help them navigate this new world.”

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