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The Drum

‘Ronald Dump’ parody calls out US president on climate change denial

US president Donald Trump's state visit to the UK is being subverted as a call to action on climate change with the release of a parody film calling attention to the president’s dismissal of environmental concerns.

Green business leader and party pooper Tara Button has crafted a hard-hitting environmental message to overshadow Trump’s birthday on 14 June, calling for a day of eco-action in the form of a mass protest championing the switch to renewable energy.

The greeting includes a recording of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Happy Birthday’ rewritten by Button for the special occasion and performed by parody singer Ronald Dump – with assistance from Bank of Creativity and Gas Music.

Button said: “Trump is stealing the Earth’s future, so we’re going to steal his birthday and give it to the planet. On the 14th of June, we are calling on the world to take action into their own hands and pledge to switch to renewable energy.”

The campaign centres on an online birthday e-card at where people can sign a pledge to make the switch to a green energy provider, complete with a raft of independent resources to smooth the switching process.

Trump’s EarthDay has been spurred by a series of climate change reversals overseen by Trump including cuts in funding for renewable energy, backing coal and withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement.

A slew of Trump parodies including a #TrumpStinks protest will coincide with the state visit, culminating in the upcoming Chip Shop Awards on Thursday.