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Lucky Generals activists plot #TrumpStinks protest ahead of the president's UK visit

Lucky Generals activists give anti-Trump protestors a way to tell the world that #TrumpStinks

"Disgruntled" Lucky Generals creatives have launched a "cheeky" initiative called #TrumpStinks to protest the US president’s impending London visit.

This collective claims that “Britons need to protect themselves from the President’s poison” - they are offering free face masks and boiler suits to combat his rhetoric.

The ad agency's upstarts are inviting the public to get involved in an anti-Trump March on 4 June by registering on this website for free #TrumpStinks gas masks, hazmat suits and stickers to "demonstrate their disrespect" against the sitting president. The merch will also be distributed along the protest route in order to get the message out. They will also be given to celebrities and promoted on social.

Minnie Vaughan, an account director at Lucky Generals, leader of #TrumpStinks, said: “There are a lot of reasons people despise Donald Trump. From locking up children to feeling up women, there is one thing everyone on that march will agree on: #TrumpStinks.

"Which is why, ahead of his visit, we’ve made thousands of masks to protect the people of the UK against Trump and his toxic hot air. This campaign has no affiliation to any organisation or brand, we just wanted to help people make their views known."

Last year, a rotund orange Trump balloon flew above London’s Parliament Square in protest of his visit to the UK. The agency looks to ape a similar sentiment, creating its own branding for his return.

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