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HSBC champions internationalism in football in 'Full English Final' ad

HSBC UK celebrates diversity of Full English finals in football ad

HSBC UK has championed internationalism in football to celebrate the first all English Champions League and Europa League finals.

It's an extension of the 'Together We Thrive' brand promise and 'Global Citizen' TV campaign, which saw HSBC launched its 'We Are Not An Island' ads last year.

It is comprised of a series of copy-led print executions that celebrated the elements of British life that are indebted to the nation's connections to the wider world.

Versions of the billboards have appeared in major cities across the UK, each featuring local references unique to the UK, such as the formation of Oasis in Manchester.

Continuing on the pro-internationalism message, its latest poster celebrates the diversity of the 'all-English' final.

This is the first time in history that only English teams have reached both the Champions League and the Europa League.

Although it is a great achievement for English football, HSBC want to remind people that it wouldn't be possible without help from overseas.

Aligning itself with its brand narrative of 'Together We Thrive' the campaign seeks to remind the UK that it performs better when connected to something bigger.

Honouring the teams involved, the ad reads: "Not just home to the beautiful game. You're home to Gabonese golden Boots. A Belgian waltzing wizard. One of our own. And an Egyptian king. C'mon you played on European turf. Managed by a Spaniard, Italian, Argentine and a German. You're not just the red, white and blue/ You are part of something far, far bigger."

HSBC's original campaign was derided by some when it launched in January, who felt the ads spewed anti-Brexit sentiment.

As a result the bank had to clarify the thinking behind the creative execution, and a spokesperson told The Drum "This campaign is not about Brexit. It focuses on the importance of being open and connected to the world."

The posters also caught public attention when the localised ads were misplaced.

In May, a poster that spoke up the ‘Proud Geordies’ and explored the uniqueness of ‘The Toon’ accidentally appeared in Nottingham, home of Sherwood Forest and the myth of Robin Hood.

Created by Wunderman Thompson, the bold copy-led executions will run in Press and tactical OOH across the weekend of the Champions League.

Discussing the latest edition of the campaign, Sarah Mayall head of campaigns at HSBC, said: “We believe that the people, communities and businesses in the UK thrive most when connected and open.

"Our Global Citizen campaign earlier this year is central to this, and with ‘Full English Final’ we are continuing to reinforce our strong belief that we are all part of something bigger, whilst celebrating the great success of our English football teams."

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