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The Drum

Digital health rewired: lessons for the healthcare sector

Digital health, rewired

The healthcare industry is just as prone to disruption as any, but the emotional weight attached to any change in our healthcare provision means the stakes are considerably higher than in most industries. Marketing those changes to a public that is naturally highly engaged with the subject presents an enormous challenge, one that will only become more complex.

The key is in effectively communicating the benefits of new health related technology and systems, as WPP Health Practice, international CEO, Claire Gillis is keenly aware. She has previously spoken to The Drum about her motivations to work in the healthcare industry and how data, creativity and integrated communications can be used effectively to help more people around the world access better healthcare.

Come Join The Drum and Gillis from WPP Health Practice, alongside industry experts, to talk about the transformative lessons that the health industry can learn from other sectors disrupted by data and technology, such as music and publishing.

Gillis will be joined by experts including Marco Bertozzi VP EMEA, Spotify, Seth McGuire, senior director of data and enterprise solutions at Twitter and editor of The Sunday Times magazine, Eleanor Mills. The panel will be moderated by The Drum associate editor, Sonoo Singh.

Through a healthcare lens, we talk to some of the world’s most disrupted industries about their twisting roads to transformation.

For more information and to book your place, follow this link.