Tubular Labs Global Video Measurement Alliance expands with first focus on social video

A slew of publishers have signed onto Tubular Labs's Global Video Measurement Alliance as it announces its global expansion - after several months of tests in the US.

Digital media brands including Viacom International, Vice International and Media Chain have opted in to help develop a universal measurement standard for digital video. They join co-founders Vice (North America), BuzzFeed, Group Nine, Viacom (International), Ellen Digital Network and Corus Entertainment.

The video measurement firm has announced the partnership Thursday (30 May) after working to develop it throughout 2019. The firms came together to clear up concerns around the transparency and value of a video view in the current digital ecosystem. New metrics could put members in a better position to barter for superior rates from advertisers.

The Global Video Measurement Alliance (GVMA) will develop "new global standards for digital video measurement", first addressing social video. The GVMA claims it is helped to "unlock a more transparent, efficient marketplace", more vital than ever as leading online publishers face layoffs and possible mergers.

Down the line, Tubular Labs is developing two, cross-platform reach and engagement metrics with the GVMA; de-duplicated unique viewers; and also minutes watched. It hopes to give advertisers and publishers a clearer view of video success and better measure campaigns.

Luke Barnes, chief digital officer and chief revenue officer EMEA, Vice Media added: "Whilst industry wide issues surrounding transparency and accountability are still holding back vital progress in the evolution of the digital media landscape, the need for credible, effective, measurement standards has never been greater. It's time now to set a new standard together, and help advertisers realise, understand and, above all, trust the effectiveness of branded video content.”

On the global expansion, Allison Stern, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Tubular Labs said: "Digital video has no geographic boundaries. Global content measurement is vital to ensuring comprehensive, uniform digital video standards.

“GVMA’s new metrics will be a big step forward in unifying global content measurement, and we are up to the task as Tubular has already been working toward this solution for years.”

The GVMA was founded January 2019, and since, the group has participated in closed-door meetings to steer and develop the metrics tools devised by Tubular Labs.