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Celebrating unlimited, unadulterated creativity: The Chip Shop Awards US 2019

Celebrating unlimited, unadulterated creativity in the United States: The Chip Shop Awards US

Unlimited creativity, pushing boundaries and producing powerful work is what creatives dream off. But do they really get the opportunity to do that?

Perhaps a leap into the unknown is what true creativity needs. That’s why The Drum is bringing The Chip Shop Awards to the United States. These awards celebrate the sort of work you won’t see elsewhere and amazing people who normally don’t get the chance to win.

The Chip Shop Awards were launched in the UK many years ago and since has evolved into an annual highlight with categories such as best use of honesty, fake news and bad taste.

These awards are open to practically anyone. Are you fresh to the industry? Get your ideas submitted now and build your profile. Already known amongst your peers? Here’s your chance to work on the more ‘sexy’ stuff you wouldn’t normally, as well as spot new talent and be inspired by fresh thinking.

Gordon Young, editor-in-chief of The Drum says: “In a world where creatives are barricaded behind safe walls and wary clients, creative, original work has never been more important, or needed.

“The Drum is on a mission to remind the industry that the greatest ideas often come from the most unexpected places. Despite all the talk about tech and the future, this industry is still about great ideas.”

Does it have to be legal? No. Decent? No. Honest? No. The work just has to be brilliant.

Below you will find examples of previous winners who have pushed the limits and wowed the masses.

Best Education, Best Press and Chair Award - 2018

Best Food and Drink - 2018

Best Use of Bad Taste - 2018

Best Ad Without a Headline - 2018

Best Ad from the Future - 2017

Best Ad from the Future - 2017

Best Ad without a Headline - 2017

Best Work for a Brand You Have No Hope in Hell of Winning - 2017

Best Political Ad - 2016

Best Parody - 2015

The Chip Shop Awards US will run alongside The Drum Arms at Advertising Week New York.

Get your entries in before July 18 and receive a discounted rate on your application.

As to why we’re running an awards show called The Chip Shop Awards, check out its origins here.

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