Manchester City names JNC as official Baijiu partner

Manchester City Football Club has entered into a multi-year partnership with Chinese liquor brand JNC.

As official Baijiu partner, a specific category of Chinese liquor distilled from grain, the deal will afford JNC the opportunity to engage with fans directly via marketing, matchday branding and industry events.

Damian Willoughby, senior vice president of partnership at City Football Group, said: “Through the partnership, we’re delighted to be able to highlight and educate our global fanbase on such an intrinsic aspect of Chinese culture.”

Xia Bo, JNC brand director, added: ”JNC’s global strategic partnership with Manchester City will further strengthen the connections between the club and fans, which allows the Chinese football fans to experience the club’s passion and beautiful football, while the overseas fans will get to know JNC and Chinese baijiu culture through Manchester City.”

JNC traces its roots back to the reign of Emperor Dezong over 1,500 years ago, the point at which the drink first rose to prominence as an imperial liquor favoured by the Later Tang Dynasty.

Manchester City has enjoyed an increased presence in China since its acquisition of Sichuan Jiuniu in China League 2.