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Aldi reprises 'Like Brands' campaign with a nod to Love Island

Aldi has revived its iconic 'Like Brands' campaign with an apparent nod to Love Island as the hit ITV series begins.

The budget retailer has never been afraid to showcase its low prices in comparison to other brands. Launching in 2011, the long-running campaign has used non-actors from all walks of life to bring shopping down to the ground and capture the public imagination.

Now it's returned once more to convince the nation that, despite lower prices, its products are as good as brand alternatives. And it's not holding back, going up against both brands and the supermarkets that supply them.

Created by McCann, the ad compares Aldi's own brand sun lotion with 'Nivea sun lotion at Tesco which are applied to the knees by a sun lounger as two northern mosquitos land on what they have mistaken islands.

The burst will air across a variety of programmes including ITV's Coronation Street, Britain’s Got Talent and Channel 4's First Dates.

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