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Ads We Like: Tanguru glosses over sexually uncomfortable situations in Tango spot

Marking its first activity in four years, Tango has unleashed Tanguru - a wise master who is summoned whenever a toe-curling awkward moment arises that need smoothing over.

The sexually-uncomfortable spot is VCCP's first for the fizzy drink brand since Britvic appointed the agency to its creative brief in 2017.

To mark the occasion, the agency has created two films that feature a ginger-haired teenager and her cringing encounters with her nonplused dad.

In one film, the sexually awakened redhead finds her father in her room, puzzling over the function of the sex massager toy he's come across. After confronting her, the 'Tanguru' poofs in and the scene freezes.

Easing out the situation, Tanguru cracks open a can of Tango laughing and says "Relax. Tell him its a massager - perfect after a stressful day." The ad ends with the father cringingly rubbing the sex toy around his head, believing it relieves headaches.

The second ad sees the girl send a risky text asking for a quickie, followed by the aubergine emoji - the universal symbol of the penis. Unfortunately for her, she confused 'Daddy' with 'Danny' her boyfriend next to her on the sofa.

As her Dad looks up from his phone agast with shock, out pops Tanguru again who cools down the situation once more by telling her to blame it on autocorrect. Our red-faced ginger then blabbers to the living room how she meant to write quiche - aubergine quiche.

Alongside the campaign, Tango has a new brand look, and there are now three more sugar-free flavours.

Discussing the campaign, Ray Patterson Britvic's brand director, said: “Tango has a big personality and we’ve always been bold with our humour and tone. While the brand remains a firm favourite with current Tango drinkers, we want to extend its appeal to new audiences. And we’re confident our new ads will really resonate with them.”

Adding to this, Mark Orbine executive creative director at VCCP Blue said: “Tango is a legendary brand that pushed the boundaries of advertising 20 years ago. But to a new teen generation, who don't know anything of orange slapping bald men or Ray Gardner’s speech, we had to do something to make a splash in the fruit carbonates category.

"Now the hit of real orange is replaced by the hit of our Tanguru. She appears in sticky situations appearing with sage refreshing solutions. Shot by Tom Kuntz, our film spots will let a new generation know that Tango is a blast of brave, bold orange craziness when they need it

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