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Marketing Game of Thrones Ikea

Ikea experiences 495% social lift after Game of Thrones ad break spot


By Imogen Watson | Senior reporter

May 17, 2019 | 4 min read

Splashing marketing spend on a Game of Thrones (GOT) ad break appears to have been a strategic move for Ikea, O2 and BT - all of which topped the chart for the most social lift following their ad appearance during the series.

Ikea, O2 and BT saw greatest social lift from ads that aired during Game of Thrones

Ikea, O2 and BT saw greatest social lift from ads that aired during Game of Thrones

The insight arrives from research conducted by 4C Insights which looked into the TV social lift impact of the ads slotted in between each part of GOT's long-awaited final season.

Eight years since the fantasy-drama show began in 2011, the final season of GOT has been dished up to its dedicated fans, desperate to find out who finally sits on the iron throne.

It has been the most-watched season out of the eight, with Sunday's penultimate episode (12 May) pulling in 18.4 million viewers - its highest rating yet, according to HBO.

Such viewership offers a prime viewing position for brands, eager to latch onto the series hype.

To measure which brands benefited most from the franchise, 4C Insights measured the social engagements in the five minute period after the start of a TV ad, comparing it to engagement five minutes prior.

Ikea claimed the top spot. It experienced an average of 495% TV social lift across three 'The Wonderful Everyday' ads that showed during the ad break.

The spot is part of Ikea's longstanding 'Wonderful Everyday' campaign. Done in the style of Fantasia, the ad shows a family come together to mark special, but often overlooked, little moments.

This isn't the first time Ikea has ridden on the back of GOT success. Back in August 2017, when the revelation went viral that Jon Snow's iconic fur coat was made out of Ikea sheepskin rugs, Ikea was quick to respond.

Getting itself in on the joke, it released a graphic in the flat-pack retailer's classic pictograph style. Called 'Vinter Skuldervarmer' the guide showed fans how they could transform one of its rugs into a fur cloak worthy of Snow.


Following close behind Ikea, O2 experienced 335.5% TV social lift impact for its 'Breathe It All In' ad break spot.

The ad is narrated by British spoken word artist George the Poet who forwards the concept of digital oxygen.

BT, which programmed eight ads during the series, took the third place. Its eight ads experienced an average of 242% TV social lift impact for its 'Complete Wi-Fi' spot.

The ad sees a man return home to find a 'mad house' awaiting him that's inundated with various odd characters. Why? Because his internet was 'set free.'

Given BT customers can access all of Sky's entertainment content, including GOT episodes, this may have reflected the social lift.

Following on from BT, BMW experienced 185.6% growth. Iceland, which booked 11 spots for the ad break, had an average of 158.6%.

Discussing the report, Aaron Goldman chief marketing officer at 4C commented: “In today's cross-channel media world, these figures represent a more holistic view of advertising's net effect than just counting views or viewers.

"With multitasking and multi-screening, it’s not enough for brands to put out an advert on television and expect it to reach their key audiences. Marketers must close the loop by creating a presence across platforms with timely messaging that captures the moment.”

Marketing Game of Thrones Ikea

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