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Google rolls out new visual ad formats for mobile

Google rolls out new ad formats for mobile

Google has given the green light to a series of new mobile advertising formats, unveiling image-focused buys for brands.

New arrivals include a ‘gallery’ format for mobile, enabling advertisers to reach users with multiple images and the introduction of ads within the discover feed built into many Android home screens for the first time.

This latter innovation will see ads depicted in the same style as regular stories with a lead image, headline and subject field – differentiated solely by a small ‘ad’ badge.

Each new format is designed to provide greater visibility for advertisers with Google predicting 25% more interactions as a result but at the expense of disrupting some people using core Google services such as search.

Google has been experimenting with ways to improve the visual clout of its advertising for the past year, driven by the knowledge that a more aesthetic approach will command greater levels of engagement.

These changes will be limited solely to mobile service, not desktop, with gallery ads expected to become widely available ‘later this year’.

On the other side of the coin Google has been cracking down on 'bad ads', renoving 2.3bn over 2018 alone.

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