Ads We Like: Burger King 'clown free' campaign that takes a pop at McDonald’s

Burger King released a print campaign this week that took a pop at rival McDonald’s by urging parents to host their kids’ birthday parties in a clown-free environment.

The series of ads released last week run with the taglines: ‘Birthdays should be happy. Come to Burger King and book a clown-free party.’

Each comes with an accompanying image of a child in tears as they sit on the lap of McDonald’s famed clown mascot, Ronald McDonald.

The ad campaign was created by Spanish agency LOLA Mullenlowe.

"Burger King knows that birthdays are a very big deal for kids and we believe they should be fun and clown-free. We prefer to be on the good side of children’s memories not the scary ones, like the traumatized kids in these ads,” said Marcelo Pascoa, head of global marketing for Burger King.

See the scary pics by clicking on the Creative Works box below.

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