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Music streaming service Deezer updates its look and app


By Kyle O'Brien | Creative Works Editor

May 7, 2019 | 4 min read

Global music streaming service Deezer has updated its app with a new look and feel that makes it easier for users to navigate the company’s diverse audio content library.

Deezer new look

Deezer's new look

The app has been revamped to have more space, less text and dedicated visual treatments for playlists and channels. Deezer’s new player also matches its background color to the cover art of the current track for a more personalized user experience.

By providing a light and functional interface, Deezer stated in a release it wants to become the soundtrack to its users’ lives and to help music listeners become music lovers. The new visual identity highlights Deezer’s ambition to provide users with the most comfortable music streaming experience on the market. The updated app wants to gently nudge people out of their musical comfort zone and broaden their horizons.

“Deezer's rebranding and new logo are symbolic and visual representations that acknowledge the power of music. Music can make life more joyful. It can make us run faster, work better, party more passionately, feel more alive overall. Because everyone at Deezer believes in that kind of magic, we designed Deezer as the soundtrack of your life. It means we respect and listen to your moods, tastes, preferences and habits to shape the music experience that fits your lifestyle that is always personalized, not standardized,” Stefan Tweraser, chief marketing officer at Deezer, told The Drum.

Deezer’s logo has been updated to match the new personality of the brand. It updates the iconic equalizer for the digital age. The new font, Mabry Pro, ties together Deezer’s brand and customer promise with its friendly, joyful and trustworthy look and the lowercase logo treatment aims to convey a human and personalised approach.

“We worked with Base Design, who helped us verbalize our strategy, create a visual identity and craft a tone of voice. They have been instrumental in leading a very cooperative approach across all relevant aspects of our brand – thus the result is very much a joint success, shared between them and us,” said Tweraser.

He added that he is personally drawn to two aspects of the new branding. One is that it “strikes a great balance between the longstanding heritage of our brand and our ambitions for our continued growth. Deezer launched over 11 years ago and has 14 million monthly active users in more than 180 countries across the globe. So, we had to be extra careful in creating a personalized experience that resonates with existing users, as well as delight and attract new users. In addition, we feel that we have successfully achieved a strong alignment between the product itself and the brand. The brand and marketing are not just some bells and whistles to our product, but rather, they are the essence of the brand that can be experienced in every aspect of our product,” he said.

Users can see Deezer’s new look and feel by logging into the service at or by updating the Deezer app on their mobile phone.

Deezer: App and logo redesign

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