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Ads We Like: Greenpeace highlights Australia's climate emergency in powerful film

As Australia prepares for the upcoming federal election, Greenpeace Australia Pacific has launched a powerful film highlighting the country’s climate emergency.

The ‘Change is Coming’ campaign features the extreme weather and environmental impacts that Australians are already experiencing such as bushfires, heatwaves, droughts and flooding.

The emotive ad, which was created by HelloFuture.TV, aims to highlight the relationship between Australia’s coal industry and climate change and ensure environmental policy remains a central issue in the federal election.

The campaign is part of a broader strategy by Greenpeace which aims to promote a coal-free future for Australia and a focus on clean renewable energy.

David Ritter, chief executive of Greenpeace Australia, said, "Australia is experiencing a climate emergency and burning coal is a major cause. Australians are losing their homes and livelihoods to climate damage and, as a country, we are sick and tired of inaction by politicians.”

“Poll after poll shows Australians want clean air, clean water and clean energy. But never underestimate the power and determination of the Australian people. This advert tells the story of climate damage now - but also celebrates the future, because change is coming.”

Emily Bull, director & founder at​ ​,​ ​said, “When Greenpeace approached us to be their production partner we were thrilled to lend our production services to such an important campaign. Logistically this shoot was very tough, but we love a challenge. From creating a flooded lounge room in an empty pool to filming close to a coal-fired power station. We are really proud of what was created and hope that our leaders take notice”

The campaign will run across TV, digital and social platforms.

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