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Budweiser and Stella spell out the dangers of irresponsible drinking in jumbled ads

Jumbled Budweiser, Stella & Skol brands spell out the dangers of irresponsible drinking

Brewing giant AB InBev has found a novel mechanism for communicating the dangers of irresponsible drinking, by jumbling up the letters in some of its most famous brands in Brazil.

Household names such as Budweiser, Stella Artois, Skol and Brahma are all part of the initiative with ads depicting the brands with slightly scrambled lettering to impress upon consumers the importance of making smart choices when inebriated, such as avoiding drink driving.

Conceived by SunsetDDB the grammatically challenged campaign is centred on the notion that often everything appears to be in order when drunk, at odds with external reality.

In this manner, drinkers are invited to down a glass of Sltela Atrios, Bwedusier and Cronoa Etrxa, in a series of ads, including alternative social media profile pictures, surprising audiences who may not spot anything amiss at first glance.

Only the following day was the true rationale behind the word jumbles revealed.

Ambev marketing director Alexandre Costa said: “We want to invite people who drink beer to reflect: just as we think the logos are in order at first, and then realize that they are not, there are times when people drink and think everything is in order to drive, when in fact it is not.

“It's natural over the years that smart drinking campaigns, like all others, need to be reinvented in order to capture attention and create real change in behaviour. Therefore, we thought it was time to go one step further and use the strength of all our main brands for a single purpose: to warn that alcohol consumption should never be associated with driving.”

The importance of names were brought home to AB InBev last month ina battle over the usage rights for 'Patagonia'.