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Reactive Tennent's Lager ad questions how 'Danish' Carlsberg's new Pilsner really is

Tennent's mocks Carlsberg's 'Danish' pilsner with responsive digital ad

Tennent's Lager has issued a cheeky reaction to a nearby ad placement from Carlsberg which is undergoing a trial-by-fire relaunch across the UK.

The Danish beer brand has launched a new pilsner in a premiumization drive that saw it promote tweets comparing its old brew to 'piss'. It ran the creative just meters from Tennent's stronghold in Glasgow on a digital panel across the road from the famous brewery.

Fortunately for Tennent's, its building is equipped with a large, and competing, digital screen that enabled it to post a cheeky retort to the Tennent's drive. In particular, it mocked the fact that Carlsberg's 'Danish' Pilsner is actually brewed in Northampton, England.

A Tennent’s Lager spokesperson said: “Made with 100% Scottish barley, the finest hops and the freshest water from Loch Katrine; Tennent’s has been brewed here since 1885 and we’re proud to be Scotland’s favourite beer.”

Bright Signals delivered the creative and amplified it on social media.

Carlsberg kicked off its relaunch with the 'Mean Tweets' campaign, first sparking intrigue by promoting genuine consumer tweets ridiculing its beer. Insults it shared included likening the beer to “the rancid piss of Satan,” “cat piss,” “naan bread,” “stale breadsticks” and a dead grandmother's bathwater.

Taking a leaf out of KFC UK’s fries relaunch playbook, Carlsberg roasted its own beer. Now Tennent's has joined the mix of brands, alongside rival BrewDog, in attacking the brand.