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Ads We Like: Coca-Cola Brazil teams with Marvel Studios to turn a teen into a temporary Avenger

A teen girl is seen running, ticket in hand, to catch a bus that is quickly driving away as her friends urge her to catch up. We see that the ticket is for the Avengers movie, so she pulls out her inner super hero, drinks a Coca-Cola No Sugar and does her best impression of an Avengers character.

Coca-Cola No Sugar and Marvel Studios, two iconic brands, joined forces for the commercial that was crafted to be enjoyed with popcorn and Coke No Sugar. It was inspired by Marvel Studios Avengers: Endgame, and the ad’s protagonist puts herself in a situation to be her own super hero.

After downing her beverage, she darts through her school’s hallways, jumps over a fence into an Avengers stance, then pinballs through a crowded marketplace, avoiding the fire of a food vendor and the water balloon projectiles from a gang of girls (with help from a garbage can lid shield and some nifty acrobatics), trying to catch the bus. She even picks up a Thor-like ax along the way before finally getting the bus driver to stop. As he opens the door for the girl, he says, “Mission accomplished.”

"Since the brand has always been associated with a young audience, connecting with Marvel Studios and with one its most anticipated films this year only reinforces this connection and helps us tell new stories to our consumers,” said Poliana Sousa, marketing director of Coca-Cola Brazil.

The commercial will be aired in 57 countries, without any adaptation for regional markets. The shoot involved 300 professionals in production alone and only six weeks between approval of the script and final launch date. To give the feeling of a cosmopolitan space that could be localized in markets all over the world, the adventurous ad was filmed in Mexico City.

“The real story we’re telling here is how two absurdly colossal brands like Coca-Cola and Marvel Studios managed to create such a great and deep work synergy to the point of developing together, a 100% balanced story between the two co-protagonists’ interests,”, said Ricardo John, chief creative officer and president of J Walter Thompson Brazil.

Production house Landia worked with director Rodrigo Saavedra, along with a technical crew that included two Oscar winners. Said Saavedra regarding the shoot: “The greatest challenge in this spot for me was to get the tone right. There’s a certain amount of humor in a teenager chasing a bus and somehow becoming her very own hero in the process. I wanted the film to ride that line between epic action blockbuster and more light-hearted mood. I think we achieved that especially well in the water balloon fight scene, in which the heroine is inspired by Captain America”.

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