By Danielle Long, Acting APAC Editor

April 18, 2019 | 2 min read

An online video ad promoting a property for sale in Australia has gone viral globally attracting a flood of ridicule.

The marketing video was created by real estate agency LJ Hooker for a house listing in Sydney’s south-west suburb of Padstow. The ad features the agent, Sam Nader, arriving at the property in a sports car before entering and beginning a sexy dance routine with a woman.

The video follows the pair through the house as they perform seductive spins, dips, and twirls, and at one point, Nader dances across the kitchen bench and dives into the pool for some laps. The film, which features a heavy music track throughout, ends as we see the pair jump into bed together.

It has attracted a huge amount of attention globally with social media users and media publications panning the ad, which has been labelled sleazy, horny, unnecessarily sexy and breathtakingly horrific.

Nader told The Guardian the aim had been to create something different to capture people’s attention but the film was meant to be funny. However, the backlash to the ad has led LJ Hooker Bankstown to apologise for the video.

The firm said the ad "missed the mark" and removed it from social media.

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