Co-op campaign challenges the prevailing negativity of insurance adverts

Co-op Insurance is taking a different tack to its competitors with a new campaign showing "insurance doesn't have to be something to be afraid of".

‘For Life’s Adventures’ has been devised with creative agency PSONA Twelve and celebrates experiences insurance can facilitate, rather than the typical industry tropes of showing worst case scenarios.

At the heart of this message is an out-size branded podium adorned by a button labeled ‘press for adventure’ which curious passers-by can activate before receiving a card with a suggested adventure written upon it.

These cards range from a little girl encouraged to make a gift, a woman invited to dance with a hula hoop and someone challenged to pack their bags and jet off on holiday as soon as possible.

Neame Ingram, creative director at PSONA Twelve, said: “When it comes to insurance, most brands typically sell it on price, prangs and peace of mind. We wanted to take a different approach that brought people’s minds back to the fun and away from seeing buying insurance as mundane or complex.”

Chris Twigg, head of digital at Co-op Insurance, added: “We wanted PSONA Twelve to deliver a campaign that fit with the persona and voice of the wider Co-op Group: friendly, helpful, and community-focused. Their work has achieved this brilliantly and illustrates that insurance doesn’t have to be something to be afraid of.”

The campaign spans Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Stories, promoting the full range of Co-op insurance services from travel, car and pet cover to life and home insurance.