The Woodsman tours 'world's first' whisky cocktail vending machine

To kick off London's Underbelly Festival, The Woodsman Whisky has created the world's first Old-Fashioned vending machine, that serves up the bittersweet cocktail at the pull of a few levers.

Launched last year by Whyte & Mackay, The Woodsman Whisky is a newbie on the whisky playing field so the vending machine stunt is introducing a modern way to drink the classic Old-Fashioned cocktail. It serves to bring the newbie whisky to a new audience.

Located in some of the UK's busiest locations, including London, Newcastle, Manchester and Glasgow, the vending machine takes the faff out of time-consuming cocktail making. By pulling levers and turning wheels, whisky lovers can create their perfect serve for free; however, what happens within the machine is a closely guarded secret.

Discussing the vending machine stunt, Rod Gillies, head of innovation at Whyte & Mackay said: “Everyone loves a good Old Fashioned, and our maple syrup version is a cracker. But what would make it even better is being able to get hold of one wherever you are, on demand.

"So we’re stripping away the rules and complexity which sometimes surround Scotch and making it quick and simple to get a brilliant drink.

“We’ll be touring the UK with the Woodsman vending machine, popping up in various cities and dispensing Old Fashioned cocktails as we go.”

The activity was created and managed by Wire.

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