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You & Mr Jones wants to disrupt adtech world with Jivox investment

By Andrew Blustein, Reporter

April 16, 2019 | 3 min read

Digital marketing platform Jivox has secured another $9m in funding, three years after You & Mr Jones first invested in the platform as it looked for a way to deliver more relevant ads.

Jivox earns $9m in funding round, partly from You & Mr Jones

Jivox earns $9m in funding round, partly from You & Mr Jones

You & Mr Jones founder David Jones said he's making another bet on the company because the adtech world today is pushing out content that's "more intrusive and more annoying than anything that had existed in the traditional world".

"This isn't about trimming or streamlining our tech stacks – we are only investing in tech that is disrupting the adtech world," said Jones.

Jivox offers brands a dynamic creative optimization platform that uses machine learning to combine disparate data sets to determine what type of content a consumer would engage with, and then crafts messaging on the fly to deliver that relevant content to an individual.

Diaz Nesamoney, chief executive of Jivox, calls this versioning – a cost-effective way of combining data and technology to digitally create targeted ads for a specific consumer.

Nesamoney believes traditional ad servers are no longer relevant, specifically because they were built for the days of one-size-fits all marketing.

"The gap between ad serving and what brands are looking for has widened significantly... For us, we have the benefit of looking at the problem very differently: What tech stack do you need to be able to dynamically customize content in a data-driven way and deliver it?

"We didn't start out saying how do you serve an ad; we started saying how do you generate and serve hundreds of thousands of ads driven by data," said Nesamoney.

Along with You & Mr Jones, Nesamoney and investment firm Fortisure Ventures contributed to the funding round.

"It's less about whether ad servers are outdated or not," said Jones, "and more driven by a belief that in the future all brands will use advanced technology to connect data, content and media in real time.

"In our view, Jivox is the global market leader in that space today and it's going to be a very significant market - allowing for brands to be more relevant and add value rather than interrupting and annoying."

Nesamoney said he's focused on extending Jivox's platform into OTT and digital out-of-home, two mediums that where marketers are beginning to leverage the promise of addressability, and thus need to deliver a greater amount of more targeted ads.

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