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The Drum Recommends: Commended - Assertive Media Increased Organic Traffic By 140% in 24 Months For SCI-MX

Assertive Media Increased Organic Traffic By 140% in 24 Months for SCI-MX.

The Drum Recommends: Commended is highlighting Assertive Media who Increased Organic Traffic By 140% in 24 Months for SCI-MX.

In this series, we explore the finest work created by The Drum Recommended agencies. We will highlight top case studies to guide and inspire you in your journey to select a new agency relationship.

Last year the Recommended Agency Register (RAR) was rebranded as The Drum Recommends to bring it in line with owner The Drum. It remains committed to partnering brands with the correct agency using data and unique industry expertise.

The Challenge

The challenge was to deliver an effective SEO strategy on the back of a website re-design while also growing revenues and raising brand awareness.

The old SCI-MX website had an un-intuitive navigation / layout, ageing content and user experience issues, which meant we had to build and engage with the audience through content writing. To reduce checkout amandonment, we also had to improve UX through a new infastructure, speed imrpovements, SCHEMA integration, and more.

Our Strategy

The strategy for SCI-MX was based around understanding how SCI-MX products fit into the marketplace and how that marketplace would use a website. We analysed more than 50 competitor websites in great detail, ascertaining site structure, product filtering, categorization and more. In the end, we needed to build a site for the end users who could easily browse products, categories and content across all browsers and devices.

Using heat-mapping tools and analysing user behaviour, we were able to ascertain what design factors would increase engagements and conversation rates.

The SEO strategy slotted right in as the new website required content rewriting & better data architecture. The combination of a new website design, improved user engagement and new content helped to drive initial ranking growth.

The Results

89% increase in organic traffic in 12 months

140% increase in organic traffic in 24 months

27.88% reduction in bounce rate

Hundreds of keyword rankings

To find out more on the Assertive Media agency visit their The Drum Recommends profile.

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