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Ryanair will now offer up ad space on boarding passes

Ryanair courts advertisers with boarding pass offer

Ever attuned to money-making opportunities, Ryanair has launched a new class of advertisement inviting travel partners to acquire space on passenger boarding passes.

Touting itself for business Ryanair claims to be the largest airline in Europe by volume, ferrying 11.5 million passengers each month from A to B – each of whom must carry a boarding pass. Moreover, the Irish carrier will enable brands to target specific passengers travelling to each of over 216 destinations.

Launching the initiative by email the airlines marketing department wrote: “We're offering advertisers an opportunity to run highly targeted campaigns and bid on primary space on our passengers boarding passes. To help you get started, until the end of March 2019, add €50 to your ad account and Ryanair will match it!."

Ryanair boldly claims that its passengers are in a "positive mood" while under its care, making them more "receptive" to advertising messages while in transit. Such claims are bolstered by the carrier’s calculation that passengers must whip out their passes no fewer than eight times during each journey.

To streamline the process Ryanair enables advertisers to set their own campaign parameters including cost per impression and targeting before uploading their ad. Subject to approval the message will then be entered into a bidding war for the prized slot.

Advertisers will then be able to review their campaign and adjust parameters to boost performance as required.

Last year Ryanair sought to shift public perceptions by adapting its own marketing to emphasise customer service over low-cost fares.

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