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Specsavers first global 'Should've' campaign sees a cat ruing an inaccessible cat flap


By Imogen Watson, Senior reporter

April 8, 2019 | 2 min read

Specsavers has launched its first global 'Should've' campaign, that features a performing Persian cat called Snowdrop.

Snowdrop the Persian cat

Snowdrop the Persian cat

'Paws' contains all the ingredients of a typical 'Should've' advert: a humorous dilemma which has arisen by poor eyesight, that causes poor mistakes. Our bewildered protagonist is Snowdrop, a Persian cat that finds its plans to go outside halted by a misplaced cat flap.

It turns out the shortsighted handyman has fitted the door upside down. The perplexed puss stares at the out-of-reach cat flap that stands between it and the wilderness outside, before making the admiral lead of faith.

Despite the cat's effort, it fails to reach the cat flap, sliding back down without success. As the cat continues to try, the oblivious handyman packs up his tools hand heads home, clearly pleased with his work.

The ad was written by in-house creative team Neil Brush and Simon Bougourd who then co-directed it with the filmmaker Chris Denton.

Discussing the 'Paws' advert, Specsaver's chief marketing officer, Katherine Whitton said: "The fame and fondness of ‘Should’ve’ stretches across the world from Australia to the UK.

"So, it was time that we made an ad designed to work in every market we operate in. The beauty of the campaign idea and insight is how universal it is with no barriers to it being enjoyed be all, whatever your age and wherever you live."

The national TV advert will be supported by activity across Specsavers’ social channels including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

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