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Ads We Like: Travel Oregon continues its magical animated campaign

Inspired by the viral success of the ‘Only Slightly Exaggerated’ campaign last spring, Travel Oregon has launched the second part of its vibrant animated campaign designed to give viewers more of a creative glimpse of the magical feeling of being in Oregon.

The new nearly two-minute continues the visual narrative, showcasing different locations, experiences and adventures in Oregon. from venturing deep into the Oregon Caves National Monument to paragliding over the Steens Mountain. Like the original, this new video features a cast of animated human characters, native flora and fauna and new fantastical beings, including mystical cloud-people and a sea-stack creature, to name a few.

In the video, a coastal island rock outcropping becomes a creature who takes control of the sunrise, starting a day that will wind through the coastal dunes, magically lit caves, to a forested hot springs, to a meadow of wildflower and a restaurant showing a monster and a girl enjoying lunch and out to Oregon’s majestic mountains.

In addition to the sweeping outdoor animated imagery highlighted in the video, the viewer also gets a taste of Oregon’s culinary bounty. In the restaurant scene, a bottle of Oregon Solidarity wine makes an appearance, a nod to the real-life collaboration between four Oregon wineries who came together to help the Rouge Valley wine region that was affected by the Southern Oregon wildfires last summer.

“The goal of this campaign is to welcome and invite everyone to experience a happier state of being while traveling in Oregon,” said Travel Oregon chief executive Todd Davidson. “As people are overwhelmed with the distractions of modern life, experiencing the wonders of Oregon can be the answer for that. Whether that respite is on a beach, in a high desert or under a forest canopy, there are abundant opportunities to unplug and reconnect with yourself and nature here in Oregon.”

The campaign will hit target markets in the west and includes cinema, TV, digital, billboards and transportation. Moreover, the campaign will be extended throughout the year through an annual visitor guide, downloadable wallpapers, posters, postcards, gifs, shorter animation clips, and immersive new online content.

The new video was brought to life in collaboration with long-time advertising partner Wieden+Kennedy with animation by Psyop and Sun Creature Studios and the musical score composed by Jim Dooley.

"Our goal with Only Slightly Exaggerated, both last year and this year, is to visualize the emotional experience of visiting Oregon. By using animation, we are able to capture experiences that go beyond traditional travel films, while also feeling unique to our state, said Ansel Wallenfang, creative at Wieden+Kennedy.

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