Ads We Like: TBWA's French frogs croon 'don't leave me now' to Brexit Britain

TBWA\Paris is really sad about the UK leaving Europe.

With the Machiavellian maelstrom that is Brexit befuddling parliament, the agency has created a froggie film telling the world how much France will genuinely miss the UK.

To show how 'sad and empty' the French will be after a Brexit, two frogs, one manning a piano, the other a brassy-surprise, lay down a ballad of love – a not-so-note-perfect rendition of Supertramp's 'Don’t Leave Me Now'.

'Frogs against Brexit' was produced by TBWA\Else and mixes real-life footage on a French cliff with 3D-generated frogs, complete with detailed warts and webbed fingers.

The spot concludes with a shot of the White Cliffs of Dover in the distance and the call to action: #StopBrexit.

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Frogs Against Brexit

Added 04 April 2019
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