April 2, 2019 | 3 min read

Tin Star, the binge-worthy series starring Tim Roth has been a worldwide success, with his character negotiating his way around revenge in a corrupt small-town life in the Canadian Rockies. In the third episode of Hit Stories, which offers a peek behind the curtain of some of TV’s biggest shows, journalist John Plunkett looks behind the mastery of writer Rowan Joffé’s work.


Hit Stories: The Making of Tin Star

As season two comes to a dramatic close, Plunkett chats with Joffé, and executive producer Alison Jackson about juxtaposing the difficult issues of alcoholism and violence with the power of dark humor, the challenges of shooting in their Canadian location, and why the show’s primary goal is to entertain.

With an explosive opening scene that draws us all into our protagonist Jack’s revenge vendetta, Tin Star takes us on a conflicting journey to get to the bottom of a mystery death, with Jack’s “Jekyll and Hyde” character paving the way.

Watch the video above to find out more behind the making of Tin Star.

Hit Stories is the front row seat for marketers to get a look into the world of TV production alongside the creators and stars. Each episode uncovers the conception of the shows, insights into how they are made, and how viewer relationships are built to last.

This episode follows on from the first two in the series focusing on The Great British Bake Off and game show phenomenon Taskmaster.

The series is produced by Thinkbox. You can find more about them here.


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