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Cheil and OMM use VR to promote Samsung Galaxy Watch

Cheil partner up with OMM to create an VR Cycle Ride experience to launch the new Samsung Galaxy Watch.

The VR Cycle Ride, created by Cheil with digital experience agency OMM, highlights the many features of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch.

In the 62 days that the VR Cycle Ride took place, 551,130 visitors attended Samsung’s Brand experience hubs who interacted with the product 270,384 times.

As part of the agency's inspire learning through incredible experiences strategy, the initiative took place across 10 different locations, mainly in shopping centres, around the UK.

Participants could travel inside the Galaxy Watch to explore a series of alternate worlds, each inspired by a different watch feature. By mounting a fitness bike and strapping a VR headset on, they would be transported into various different landscapes for a total of 90 seconds.

Some of the experiences saw participants dodge lightning in a city made up of electronic circuits, plunge to the bottom of the ocean or float through the clouds - as an audio guide explained how each world related to the watch's specifications.

OMM established early on that in order to make this VR experience believable for the consumer, a mix of physical and digital would be needed. At their experimental lab, OMM created multiple proof-of-concepts that combined a fitness bike with VR. It was important to make the experience feel authentic – taking real-time speed data from the bike to influence how fast consumers travelled inside the VR ride.

The watch links up with various other Samsung products, creating an inter-connected eco-system, each serving a specific function for the activation.

The Samsung Galaxy Note was used to capture consumer details; the Samsung Gear VR headsets for syncing with the Samsung Galaxy 9 phone; the Samsung Galaxy Watch tracked the consumer's heartrate; and a Samsung LCD screen showed a live feed of all the information obtained to audiences watching at each location.

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