Amazon taps into the budget seekers mindset in its latest India campaign

Amazon India asks Kitne mein mila in its latest ad

Amazon India has taken a local insight to show its range of items at value prices, as it seeks to solidify its place in a competitive Indian e-commerce market.

Amazon describes its insight of honing in on the question “Kitne Mein Mila?” as ‘quintissentially Indian. The phrase is about people who have a strong need to drive value for money through their transactions and seek the greatest value.

Ravi Desai, director mass and brand marketing at Amazon India, said: “As customers, we all seek value for our hard earned money. We all operate within a fixed budget and seek quality products within it. Keeping in mind this insight, the ‘Kitne Mein Mila’ campaign showcases how understands this customer need and offers a wide selection of quality products making shopping more affordable, accessible and within the reach of everyone’s budget.”

The campaign shows a series of scenarios in which people view high-quality products while a song plays, asking the question and showing people in disbelief. The ad was made by Ogilvy South.

Kiran Ramamurthy, managing partner of Ogilvy South, explained: “‘Kitne mein mila’ is the ubiquitous phrase that captures two quintessential things about a product that has just been bought – its quality and its price. It is the first inevitable question that is asked when you see a friend or acquaintance with a new product that appeals to you.

He continues: "So, when Amazon wanted to convey that a wide selection of products was available at great prices, there was no better phrase than ‘kitne mein mila’ to anchor the thought of fantastic value that customers get on Amazon. The essence of this campaign is the genuine surprise that is evoked in people when they discover that the product that they thought was expensive is available at jaw-dropping prices on Amazon.”

The ads have been released in both Hindi and Tamil.

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