The i invites readers to 'See Every Angle' in fresh ad campaign

I News Campaign invites readers to See Every Angle

The i newspaper has chosen stylised depictions of world leaders to promote a new campaign titled ‘See Every Angle’ across social media, London OOH sites and JPI Mediaowned newspapers and websites.

Theresa May, Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn are each given a starring role in the Atomic London creative, accompanied by concise copy stressing its editorial impartiality in an age of political factionalism.

In this way, May is accompanied by the words ‘Pragmatic’, Robotic’ and ‘Chaotic’ to reflect the various prisms her fans and detractors choose to view her through while Donald Trump is defined by ‘Rookie’, ‘Nookie’ and ‘Brickie’ stereotypes.

By presenting the full spectrum of opinions it is hoped to encourage readers to form their own opinions from the facts rather than be swayed by provocative opinion pieces.

Richard Thomson, publishing director, JPIMedia, said: “The ‘See Every Angle’ campaign reflects the values that drive us editorially. The impartiality of The i comes through in a bold, thought-provoking way designed to engage audiences and promote further thought and discussion. We have an audience of ‘free thinkers’ - open-minded, intelligent readers who want unbiased information to help them decide for themselves what to think. In the current news climate, presenting the facts is more important than ever.”

The i’s monthly readership now stands at 6.2m according to figures to PamCo with year-on-year revenue growing by 6% through 2019.

Johnston Press was subject to a buyout by JPI Media in November 2018 after being forced to call in administrators over a £220m debt mountain.

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