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Marketers lose faith in the efficacy of content marketing

Marketers lose faith in the efficacy of content marketing

Marketers are increasingly calling into question the efficacy of their own content marketing strategies, with just 10% expressing confidence that they were making an impact, according to a new report.

New data published by Heinz Marketing and commissioned by ON24 reveals a yawning chasm between the techniques employed by marketers do not always deliver the expected real-world results such as ensuring relevant content is read by the right people or improved revenues.

The study courted responses from close to 150 marketers, 63% of whom conceded that their own content marketing strategy was either ineffective or only partially so, a significant deterioration from the 35% who found themselves in this camp back in 2017.

Marketers were far more confident in conversion as the single biggest factor influencing results, with 75% citing lead conversion or sales opportunity conversion as the most important content engagement metric.

Joe Hyland, CMO, ON24: "Marketers put too much time, resources, and creativity into their campaigns. It's vital that they know what content is working, whether it's reaching its target audience, and if it's driving bottom line growth for businesses. At ON24, we pride ourselves on having built a platform that provides marketers with vital insights through the customer journey and we hope those who see this study will turn to us to help them achieve all their marketing goals."

ON24 have long sought to educate marketers on the best use of resources.

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