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Jury assembled for 2019 Scottish Design Awards

All new Scottish Design Awards website invites 2019 entries

The Scottish Design Awards are back with a brand-new website and judging team to usher in their 2019 awards programme - the latest installment in an annual hunt for the best of the best across architecture and design in association with The Drum.

This year a panel of 13 will oversee entries spanning the fields of design and architecture. Tasked with identifying class-leading work across all disciplines the team will recognise and celebrate the best of the best.

Holding sway over the design categories will be Philp Long, director of V&A Dundee; Sophie Lutman, executive creative director at Brandpie and Gordon Carmichael, design lead at CreateFuture. They will be joined by Greig Anderson, creative director at Freytag Anderson; Kay Koyama-Gore, head of design at Contagious; Michael Fraser, creative director at APS Group and Dave Everson, creative director at Wire.

John Glenday, editor of Urban Realm magazine and awards organiser, said: “We are excited to show off our bold new look which will provide a much more fitting digital presence, encouraging more entries by minimising barriers between the best work and a successful nomination.”

You can keep abreast of ongoing awards news as it happens by following @scottishdesign on Twitter or contacting kasia@urbanrealm.com (01413565333) to find out more.

Nominations for this year’s event are now open ahead of an entry deadline of 22 April.

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