The Drum Recommends: Commended - CSI Media UX/UI Web Design

CSI Media UX/UI Web Design for Pissup Tours

The Drum Recommends: Commended is highlighting CSI Media who helped a company called 'Pissup Tours' re-design their website and rectify several UX issues.

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Pissup Tours is an international travel agency who have organised stag dos for over 150,000 lads in the past 17 years! They pride themselves on providing a personalised approach with excellent customer service, making them one of the best-reviewed stag companies in Europe.

The Challenge

The premise of the website is to allow users to select a destination/s for the stag do, and then build an itinerary of activities. For example, lads could choose to visit Prague and participate in Paintball Combat, Jelly Wrestling (different!) and the Beer Bike experience - we love the sound of this one...

The marketing team at Pissup identified several UX issues that were having a detrimental impact on this process and, subsequently, enquiries. Pissup appointed CSI Media to re-design the website and rectify these issues.

Our Solution

We re-designed the entire UI on the website and implemented the HTML. The website incorporates a new and simplified itinerary process that delivers a much more fluid experience, allowing users to easily build a legendary stag do package!

Our UX team identified that the destination and activity pages had a big influence on users’ actions, and they needed to be more powerful to encourage lads to start building (and add more activities) to their package. Now, these pages present powerful visuals with more detailed information, encapsulating the experience and engaging lads’ imaginations!

Mobile, mobile, mobile!

A high proportion of users to the website visited via mobile (not surprising considering the target market) and, therefore, meticulous care was given to designing an engaging and intuitive mobile experience.


As part of the project, we created a new and vibrant brand identity for Pissup Tours via a new colour scheme and logo update.

Patrick Burmeier, Senior Marketing Manager, Pissup Tours

“We are very pleased with our new mobile-first website design. CSI were very proactive, creative and professional in the design process!”

To find out more on CSI Media agency visit their The Drum Recommends profile.

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