Here's what Twitter's new app, Twttr, looks like

Interfaces: Twitter (left), Twttr (Right)

Twitter has previewed an all-new prototype app to a group of hand-picked beta testers ahead of a potential global rollout. The app is purportedly a streamlined testbed of new features.

Twttr represents the next stage in Twitter’s evolution and as such the firm is treading carefully with in-depth testing of a raft of new and improved features. which may or may not break out into the real world on Twitter.

It is aware it cannot alienate existing users.

In a statement to BuzzFeed Twitter spokesperson Liz Kelly said: “Public conversation helps the world learn faster, solve common problems, and realize we’re all in this together.

"We know it could be easier to follow and join conversations on Twitter, so we're openly testing early explorations and with this app and continuing to build Twitter with the people who use it.”

Some of the biggest changes affect replies which now take on a similar look to direct messages with blue and grey colour coding picking our responses from friends and the original tweeter respectively, subtly demoting responses from outsiders which can be associated with trolls and abuse.

Other tweaks include hiding the number of retweets and likes in the high-level thread view. Instead, testers will also be able to tap to reply and reveal additional details and actions, including the number of retweets.

New isn’t always better for social media apps, as Snapchat found to its cost after coming unstuck with its own update following a backlash from users.

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