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News Corp adds its voice to Google break-up calls

News Corp backs Google break up to check ‘overwhelming’ dominance

News Corp has taken aim at Google’s jugular, adding its voice to calls for the technology giant to be broken up in a bid to rein in its "overwhelming" market dominance.

The media group submitted its call to action to the Australian competition regulator by the media giant as part of a wider public inquiry into whether Google’s search engine and advertising platform should be split in order to help digital publishers claw back lost advertising market share.

Alphabet and News Corp are engaged in a no-holds-barred regulatory tussle as Rupert Murdoch mounts a fightback after watching helplessly as billions of dollars in advertising revenues are diverted from his own company to Google’s coffers.

In its submission News Corp said: “Google operates in a ‘walled garden’ whereby its related businesses, particularly in the ad tech pipeline, secure and entrench Google’s dominance in general internet search.

“Google’s market power across the ad tech services supply chain is overwhelming.”

News Corp has found itself powerless to compete with Google’s offer of ad tech services combined with its unparalleled ‘trove of personal data’ which make it all but impossible for rivals to compete.

The call echoes similar sentiments in the US where senator Elizabeth Warren has also called for Google’s break-up.

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