Encantos co-founder Steven Wolfe Pereira returns home with CEO role

Steven Wolfe Pereira, former chief marketing and communications officer at Quantcast, has been named chief executive of Encantos Media Studios with immediate effect.

The move marks a homecoming for Pereira who co-founded the direct-to-consumer, multicultural entertainment and education firm back in 2015.

The veteran of media, marketing and technology will take his place alongside his wife, Nuria Santamaria Wolfe, as well as Susie Jaramillo and husband Carlos Hoyos, to spearhead a new phase of expansion.

In a statement, Pereira said: “The plan was always to have a house of brands, and it felt like for us to get to the next level I needed to dedicate more of my time to the team and board of advisors, and that requires my being involved 100% of the time.

“When I worked at Publics Groupe’s Starcom Mediavest, I got to work closely with so many world-class marketers and brands. While there are always debates in the industry, I vividly remember the one thing that everyone would agree upon was that there was a dearth of family-friendly content as well as a lack of choice for multicultural audiences.”

First conceived as a Latino-inspired nursery rhyme brand, Encantos has subsequently diversified to play host to a range of family entertainment and education brands – all geared toward people of colour.

With Pereira at the helm that strategy will be extended with a roster of supplementary brands through this year and next, all targeting black, Asian and LGBTQ consumers.