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Del Taco offers French fry-scented soap to promote Fresh Faves Box meals

French Fry-scented soap

California-based Del Taco is getting on its soapbox to promote a new lineup of Fresh Faves Box Meals with a social media component that encourages people to promote the restaurants in return for French fry-scented soap.

The campaign’s social push, from San Francisco advertising agency Camp + King, is meant to build buzz for the boxes. Fans can get in on the fun and win a free bar of ‘Eau de French Fry’ soap by posting about their love for Del Taco with the hashtag #FrySoap.

Stamped with the Del Taco logo and packaged to look like a Fresh Faves box, the fry-smelling five-ounce bars come in packaging that states the soap is “brought to you by the hardest-working hands in fast food”.

“We thought there was no better way to reward superfans during the Fresh Faves launch than to give them a fun, novel take on ‘fresh,’” said Camp + King chief creative officer, Roger Camp. “It’s a distinctive benefit that fuels the Del Taco love.”

Guests who download The Del App will receive a coupon for two free Del Tacos, as well as other special offers.

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