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Artists turn Ikea furniture into animal homes to promote sustainable London store

Ikea creates wildhomes for wildlife

To mark the launch of Ikea's sustainable London Greenwich store, the flat-pack retailer has teamed up with local artists to create a series of homes for wild animals.

The store opened its doors in February, and features a Learning Lab where customers can learn how to prolong the life of products, grow food, upcycle and make their homes sustainable.

In line with its sustainable ethos, the brand and its creative agency Mother have commissioned artists to repurpose its furniture to make a series of homes for woodland creatures.

Among the 'wildhomes', Adam Nathaniel Furman has designed 'Bughattan' – an insect city that never sleeps. The nest for solitary bees and wasps was created using old Ikea Ekbacken and Hammarp worktops.

Studio Weave's Je Ahn developed a home to provide extra warmth for bats looking to roost. It was engineered fro old Ikea Kvistbro metal tables.

Supermundane, meanwhile, designed a colourful bird box from an Ikea industrial shelving unit.

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